Introduction: Books and Reviews

23 Sep

Let’s take a break from the makeup and let me introduce the other half of this blog: books.

Come on, just look at the name!

Way before I got interested in foundations and lipsticks, I’ve always been a rather well-read person. Initially, I didn’t think that I was until my mentor pointed out, in class no less.

Trainee: I like to read books
Teach: What books do you like to read?
Trainee: The Twilight Series
Me: *snort* oh boy
Teach: You should try other books. Ask Sara for titles; she has excellent taste.

Kinda biased, really. A good 30% of the books I’ve read are recommendations from her. There was even a time when I’d be in college and I’d finish one book after another because every time I’d run into her, she’d always ask me what book I was reading and what my thoughts are.

On books that I like: My fascination with books started just around the time when I started to learn how to draw. The first books I read were the big picture books on fairy tales, where the characters look like puppets. I guess this is how I got into fantasy, horror, sci-fi (not so much), and overall, the weird.

I have a soft spot for twisted fairy tales.

I like weird; subtle like low fantasy or extreme, very Lovecraft-esque weird.

I’ve been familiar with the vampire lore through Bram Stoker, Richard Matheson and Anne Rice’s Brat Prince long before Stephenie Meyer thought that a sparkly vampire is a charming idea.

I adore high fantasy, secondary or parallel worlds, unlikely heroes, villains with substance, and unique magic systems.

I’m very particular about the books I read and those that I like; there’s a difference.

On books that I own: I’m very anal about the books in my collection. I’m very shrewd; I audit my collection twice a year.¬†I also know who borrows from me and I inspect the state of my books before they borrow and after they return it.

I think it’s common courtesy to return the book in the exact same state it was borrowed.

Like my makeup, I only buy what I like. And as with any makeup product, I read reviews first. If I’m out of books to read, I’d use Amazon’s “recommendation” widget or I’ll drop by Fullybooked, prowl the aisles and take notes; I list titles, authors and I Google them when I get home.

Sometimes, if I can find the PDF or the ebook, I’d download and read that. If I like it, I’ll buy the book. So yes, I’ve read more books than I actually own.

Just the mass market paperbacks; trade paperback and hard cover editions not included


Anyway, I’ll be including book reviews in this blog too and you can expect it to be lengthy ones.


Current Favorites: Foundations

12 Sep

I’ve been enjoying good skin days lately; supple, zero breakouts and fading blemishes. I might write about my skin care routine now that I finally managed to nail products that work together in making my skin cooperate. But today’s post isn’t about that.

Although I don’t have any serious issues with my skin (so far), I still appreciate a good base. So much so that each of the foundations that I own has a specific purpose. My brother once asked me, upon seeing all the bottles I have: “What psycho needs 8 bottles of foundation??”

Here are my current favorites and what I use them for:

Current Favorites: Foundations

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Review: MAC Impassioned

4 Sep

Ever since I got MAC Party Parrot, I’ve discovered my fascination with red-pinks. PP is definitely one of my favorites; I receive compliments every time I use it. Sadly, it’s a limited edition color and I don’t have a backup tube so I don’t use it as often as I’d like, for the fear of finishing the product without a backup tube.

I really hope that MAC repromotes the shade. Imma buy 5 of those if/when they do.

For now, I try to acquire close dupes and one of them is MAC Impassioned. I bought this at MAC Pavillion Mall in KL for RM68 (Php 884).

MAC Impassioned

Uncanny resemblance to this, huh? Let’s see how it compares.

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Haul: Beauty Finds in Malaysia and Singapore

24 Aug

I didn’t get to take a lot of pictures when I was in KL. I was too busy shopping and bonding with one of my BFFs. I was there for two days, really, and we had some serious shopping business to do.

I bought a number of things, including pasalubong for my bros and parents. I was really lucky that stuff were on sale during my visit so I bought a couple of shirts from Giordano (bros), Uniqlo tees for my mom and myself and I hoarded coffee for my dad.

Other than the tees I bought, I think we raided every single beauty shop we can find: Sephora, Inglot, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Sasa, etc. I also killed time at the beauty section of Changi Airport on my way back.


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Travel: What’s in my Carry On Bag 2012

21 Aug

It’s my last day in KL. I’m actually on my way back to manila now. It’s funny how you waited so long for it and it went by so fast. Well, technically I was here just for the long weekend. I so wish I could stay longer.

Anyway.. I thought I’d feature what was in my carry-on bag from my flight to Manila-Singapore-KL and back.

I’ll upload the pictures later.


No fancy totes here; just a coral Jansport SuperBreak. It’s lightweight, sturdy, waterproof and easy to slip on and off your back during security checks. I travel alone so I wanted to make it as painless as possible. Come to think of it, it was rather smooth (‘cept for the part where I had to run from one end of Changi Airport to another).

I’d rather be practical than fancy.

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